Culturally safe spaces to gather, connect, rest and reflect. 

About Mayala-Bol

Hi we are Mayála-Bol.

We are two Maningrida women, Menah McKenzie (Anbarra-Diyama) and Noni Eather (Kunibídji-Kunbarlang).

Mayála-Bol is a social enterprise focused on holistic wellbeing for First Nations women and youth.

We create and facilitate holistic wellbeing workshops, culturally safe healing circles and wellbeing resources.

Our aim is to create safe spaces to gather and connect and promote holistic approaches to social and emotional wellbeing.


The Name Mayála-Bol comes from languages from our homelands in and around Maningrida, West Arnhemland.
Mayála means 'Knowledge' in Ndjébbana,

Bol means 'Fire' in the Burarra. 


























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Our logo and guiding story:


So what is Holistic wellbeing?

Mayála-Bol view holistic wellbeing as mind/mental health, body/physical health, spirit/spiritual health, social/connection, emotional/feeling & environment/belonging.

Our model is influenced by the AIPA holistic social and emotional wellbeing mode. 

Each of our Workshops focus on the holistic influences of our wellbeing. 

As whole beings we are all of these. The holistic approach to wellbeing involves incorporating a range of self-care practices into our lives that satisfies and supports us in all areas.


Our workshops are offered in ''Yuya-bol talking circles'' - coming together around the fire.

commonly known as yarning circles, healing circles or talking circles.

We create a safe space, we facilitate that space and navigate the stories shared in that space.


Mayala-Bol also create wellbeing resources which are shared through our workshops, social media platforms and soon to be hard resources and an online library.


"we encourage self awareness, self-esteem and self love through our culturally safe spaces and workshops" - Menah & Noni


It is our belief that healing happens when we speak and share our stories in circle.

we have the chance to "get it off our chest", or we share stories that make us proud.

Mayala-Bol guide theses spaces in a gentle and trauma informed way, sharing resources and tools for individual development, healing and transformation.



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