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Culturally safe spaces to gather, connect, rest and reflect. 

About Mayala-Bol

Mayála-Bol is a social enterprise focused on holistic social and emotional wellbeing for First Nations women and youth in Darwin, NT. 
We are 100% Aboriginal owned and run for the purpose of wellness & healing for First Nations women. 


We develop and facilitate holistic wellbeing workshops, culturally safe healing circles and wellbeing resources. Mayála-Bol aim to encourage and increase Social & emotional wellbeing protective factors via mindfulness, story telling and creating space for connections.

We have Three streams of delivery:
1) First Nations Women 
2) First Nations youth that Identify as female 
3) Work place wellness & cross cultural knowledge for mixed groups (All genders + people who work with mob)

Our workshops are designed using cultural integration (Aboriginal wellness), Trauma informed facilitation, gentle and welcoming environments, a relaxing atmosphere, choice in every activity e.g Having the right to pass, free or low cost workshops for the community and "moving workshops" workshops that come to your suburb or community. 

The Name Mayála-Bol comes from languages from our homelands in and around Maningrida, West Arnhemland.
Mayála means 'Knowledge' in Ndjébbana,

Bol means 'Fire' in the Burarra. 

Mayála - Knowledge - (Ndjébbana) Knowledge is vital for anyones growth and can be shared, taught and learned in many different ways in a class room, out on country, amongst families and friends, through ceremonies, through experiences good and bad and at different stages in life.
Bol - Fire - (Burarra) Fire is an important element and can symbolise a place that we gather around - to cook, make tools, share stories and keep warm. Fire can also resemble our spirit.























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Our logo and guiding story:

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So what is Holistic wellbeing?

Mayála-Bol view holistic wellbeing as mind, body, spirit, Belonging, feeling, environment.

Mind= mental health & mindfulness
Body= physical health, ways we take care of our body. 
Belonging =social connection, belonging to land/country, belonging to social groups.
Spirit= spiritual health and nourishment this could be culture/religion or practices that nourish/nurture.
Feeling= Self awareness, self management, coping with emotions/feelings
Environment= Belonging, but also how the energy of a space can effect or influence your wellbeing.


Our model is influenced by the AIPA holistic social and emotional wellbeing model. 

Each of our Workshops focus on the holistic influences and protective factors of our wellbeing.

As whole beings we are all of these. The holistic approach to wellbeing involves incorporating a range of self-care practices into our lives that satisfies and supports us in all areas.


Mayala-Bol also create wellbeing resources which are shared through our workshops, social media platforms and soon to be hard resources and an online library.


"we encourage self awareness, self-esteem and self love through our culturally safe spaces and workshops" - Menah & Noni


It is our belief that healing happens when we speak and share our stories in circle.

we have the chance to "get it off our chest", or we share stories that make us proud.

Mayala-Bol guide theses spaces in a gentle and trauma informed way, sharing resources and tools for individual development, healing and transformation.



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