Mermaids - water spirits
(Njadjákka/yawkYawk/Bala Bala) 

In our logo you will see the Water spirits, they are symbolic of us as saltwater women from our homelands, wearing a Dillybag which is symbolic of creation spirits, carrying seeds to sow into our countries, waters and seas.
These water spirits remind us we are connected  through our lineage, through ‘djang’ dreaming stories & songlines.
They’re existence is shared visually through Rárrk (cross-hatch art, usually with natural earth pigments and Ochres) onto barks and rock art. And verbally through ancient practice of storytelling.
These stories continue...and most say that water spirits still exist.
They’re styles are various in existence, some adorned with lilies, seaweed or shells to name a few.  
There are different styles and stories for each  Family groups, clans and homelands right across West Arnhemland, where the saltwater rock pools meets, freshwater streams and the billabongs and stone country waterfalls. 
When visiting Arnhemland,  it is general protocol and respectful to walk gently and always seek the right stories for each area from the right people.

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