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Our team

Noni Eather 

Co-founder & managing director YWYS

Noni is recognised as Njawámud/Godjan belonging to Kunibídji / Kunbarlang families in the west Arnhemland, balancing French anglo-celtic lineage.

"Over time whilst drifting through the tides and riding the many waves of emotions which grief and loss bring, I am determined to tackle the stigma around suicide and work on healing my spirit with hope to make space for others to practice doing the same for their journey." I am passionate about self-determination for my families and community. I want to highlight the importance of individually and collectively taking responsibility to work towards breaking toxic trauma cycles through actioning appropriate, meaningful, sustainable & creative solutions." "Mayála-Bol is my vessel while I navigate life as I live it now, and i want to share as I learn"


Menah Mckenzie 


Co-founder & managing director women circles


Menah is a proud Anbarra-Diyama woman Maningrida of West Arnhem Land. Her skin name is bulanjyan and language is Burarra.


Menah has worked in community services, Youth work, suicide prevention and event work for many years. Developing and delivering a vast arrange of workshops to youth across Arnhem Land & the Darwin region including social and emotional wellbeing, sexual health, women's Empowerment, youth re-engagement, Leadership workshops, & music and song writing.


Menah is an experienced facilitator, trauma informed certified, and qualified in holistic healing, social and emotional wellbeing and mindfulness. 

She's passionate about healing and empowerment for her people.


0487 377 028 


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