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Our Founders:


Noni Eather (She/Her)


Menah Mckenzie (She/Her)

Noni is recognised as Njawámud/Godjan belonging to Kunibídji / Kunbarlang families in the west Arnhemland, balancing French anglo-celtic lineage.


Noni's life includes manoeuvring between the city of Meanjin (Brisbane) with her fathers guidance around artists and creatives of the 'Campfire Group' collective and also her mothers homelands of and around remote coastal community Maningrida. The fusion of two different world-views embedded into her realities has allowed Noni a unique insight as well as lived experience which she is learning to harness, to work towards bridging gaps and cross-cultural connections. She acknowledges the privilege gained from mainstream opportunities & education alongside matrilineal responsibilities in community via relationships, families, language and environment. She also recognises the challenges in these spaces.


I lost my younger sister to suicide in 2017. This tragic event turned everything upside down, inside out and back to front for me and my family. This is sadly a common story for many in our world today.


Currently based on Larrakia country in Darwin and being away from her Families has proven to be tough, however Noni has been making the most of 'town life' by healing, growing and developing programs through Mayálabol to share and take back into community. "Getting back and giving back to community is important for the future of my families and I."


Noni has since been employed through areas of education, community services, child safety, family support and the arts & media, where she has been mentoring and co-producing community projects, programs and workshops and promoting leadership through preventive education & resource development.

"Over time whilst drifting through the tides and riding the many waves of emotions which grief and loss bring, I am determined to tackle the stigma around suicide and work on healing my spirit with hope to make space for others to practice doing the same for their journey." I am passionate about self-determination for my families and community. I want to highlight the importance of individually and collectively taking responsibility to work towards breaking toxic trauma cycles through actioning appropriate, meaningful, sustainable & creative solutions." "Mayála-Bol is my vessel while I navigate life as I live it now, and i want to share as I learn"

Menah Mckenzie known as Bulanjyan is from the community of Maningrida of West Arnhem Land.

Following her fathers side she belongs to the Anbarra Diyama people and speaks the Burarra language. Her mothers lineage tracks to central Australia and to the Kimberley's in Western Australia. Menah proudly holds bloodlines from saltwater to Desert.


Menah has worked in community services, Youth work, suicide prevention and event work for many years. Developing and delivering a vast arrange of workshops to youth across Arnhem Land & the Darwin region including social and emotional wellbeing, sexual health, women's Empowerment, youth re-engagement, Leadership workshops, & music and song writing.


After losing her brother to suicide in 2018 Menah made it a missions of hers to study mental health, trauma and holistic healing as she saw this as a challenge for many people in the community. 

Menah holds certificates in business, workshop facilitation, trauma informed care, Mental health first aid, Assist suicide prevention, Safe Talk, holistic healing, Reiki, sound healing, yoga Nidra (meditation), and energy protection.

​Recognised for her work with youth across Arnhem Land, Menah won a Young Achievers Award for Youth Excellence in 2019 and was nominated for NT young Australian of the year in 2021.

Menah's passion is to help empower people on their healing and wellness journeys through holistic approaches such as connection to country, story telling, energy healing, holding space, poetry and song writing and dance. 
"Let your craft become your medicine, then share that medicine with the World" As well as directing  Mayála-Bol, Menah shares her time working with Darwin headspace team teaching mental health education in schools and also promotes spaces of healing by offering specialised sound baths, Reiki sessions & breath work.

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