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Our story 

Mayala-Bol came from conception to fruition during a time when Menah and Noni navigated their own grief and bereavement and were in search of the tools and support to reclaim their strengths and inner power.


Finding a culturally safe environment for support and guidance did not always come easy, so they created it.

Our mission is to establish a secure haven where First Nations women and youth can unite, embark on their healing journey, discover unwavering support, and reclaim their inner strength and self-determination. At Mayala-Bol, we are committed to fostering an environment that empowers women & and youth to navigate through challenges, fostering resilience and solidarity.

The name 'Mayála-Bol' originates from the Ndjébbana and Burarra languages spoken in Maningrida, West Arnhem Land. In Ndjébbana, Mayála translates to "Knowledge," while in the Burarra language, Bol translates to "Fire."

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We deliver workshops and programs in the Darwin community as well as extending our services to communities in the top end.
Our workshops are crafted to integrate cultural safety and sensitivity as fundamental elements, aiming to foster connection and collaboration. Our intention is to empower individuals in overcoming challenges while emphasizing the significance of Holistic Wellbeing.

Holistic wellbeing:

Holistic wellbeing focuses on health through the Social and Emotional Wellbeing model (SEWB), which considers the body and mind, as well as spiritual, cultural, kinship, community and physical dimensions, as well as the impact of historical, political, social, and cultural determinants on wellbeing

Our Unique delivery

We deliver peer-led based workshops and programs in the format of yarning circles or talking circles, which are intentionally designed to create an atmosphere of safety, inclusivity, connection, rest, and reflection

Every workshop incorporates mindfulness 
Every workshop is trauma informed 
Every workshop gives away free wellbeing resources 

Facilitators are mental health first aid certified 

 We believe collective care leads to self care 


We operate on Larrakia Country, Garramilla/Darwin. (Northern Territory)

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