Mayala-Bol are committed to embracing diversity and eliminating all forms of discrimination. We welcome all people irrespective of ethnicity, lifestyle choice, faith, sexual orientation and gender identity.

Mayala-Bol workshops are focused on holistic well being and wellness in the setting of a ''yuya/bol circle'' commonly known as a Yarning circle, Healing circle or Talking circle. Yuya and Bol are both words in Noni and Menah's languages that mean Fire. 
Fire is a focal point of our workshops as it symbolises coming together, sharing and story telling and healing. 
Each of our workshops are carefully designed to guide conversations and introduce activities based on holistic well being.
When we look at Holistic well being, we are looking at all the aspects that makes us whole or complete. This includes our mind, our body, our spirit, our energy, our environment/country and our Emotions/feelings.
We aim for each person to walk away from our workshops feeling like they've been heard, they are seen, they are acknowledged, they have learnt a new tool to use for their own wellness journey and their spirits have been nourished.

Our workshops 

Self care workshop series 

A 3-4 part workshop series focusing on holistic wellbeing.

(mind, body, spirit, belonging, feelings/emotions)

with activities focused on self nourishment, safe yarning, positive self talk, finding your 'creative medicine' (what fills you up), and self regulating.

Rrakabiya women's Circle 

Women's healing circle)

1-2 hour women's only workshop focused on safe yarning and connection, self reflection, wellbeing, self love, empowerment, and sisterhood.

"Ngúrrabba Ngalngárda"

(we are fire)

'Let's build a fire'

A series of workshops focusing on Leadership, empowerment, confidence building, communication, reflection, engagement.


1 hour workshop with a capacity of 2- 6 people.

creating an intimate space

to focus on deep speaking, heart connecting, and heart opening.

"You canoe it"

Motivational workshop

with focus on reflection & navigating life through some specially designed activities


(Young women's workshop)

focused on celebrating sister-hood, holistic wellness, self love, care, confidence, reflection, awareness, empowerment & leadership.


Ngeka means to breath.

this workshop focuses on stillness,  teaching correct breathing, self soothing, relaxation, self awareness, and self reflection



Community workshops
*workshops are open to all unless specified*
Mayala-Bol offers monthly/Bi Monthly workshops to the wider community of Darwin, each month with a different theme around our wellbeing, environment, mental, emotional, energetic and social health. These workshops are about connecting, sharing, and self nourishment through different activities. These workshops are advertised on social media and event brite with limited tickets for sale.
keep an eye out on our socials to attend our next workshop!  


Business and organisation workshops 
Our workshops are also offered to Business and Organisations who are seeking holistic wellbeing in their workspace. 
These workshops are offered at a fee for service.
please get in contact to find out more or request to book us for a workshop

What people are saying about our workshops

''I love how they remind us to take care of ourselves.''

''They really helped me to be more comfortable with talking to people without being shame.''

''This is the best way to end the week, it really helps me to connect with self again.''

Past Workshops:

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