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Our services

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First Nations women circles

The First Nations Women's Circle Program spans 12 months and features monthly yarning circles and workshops held in and around Darwin and Palmerston. These sessions are provided free of charge or through donations.

The program is specifically designed for women aged 18 and above who identify as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander.

Our primary goal is to establish a secure space where First Nations women convene in circle, fostering connections and empowerment.


This initiative aims to promote social and emotional well-being by providing a supportive environment where guidance is offered, and tools for self-care, self-development, and healing are shared.

Young women - Young sister program 

The Young Woman Young Sister (YWYS)  program, also known as Njadjákka (n-yar-jar-car) in Ndjébbana and Jala (jar-la) in Burarra, is tailored for young women aged 12-17 who identify as First Nations.

In this program we facilitate integral wellbeing conversations and activities the aim is to foster a celebration of sisterhood among participants and guide young women to self care and find strength based practices.


Our approach is gentle and trauma informed with the intention for each workshop to be a safe space, that acknowledge the significance of cultural governance and kinship connections within Indigenous knowledge systems. 

Our objective is to engage in empowering, strength-based conversations and introduce wellbeing activities that respect each individual's healing journey, while also raising awareness of various facets of our well-being.










corporate wellbeing & empowerment

Mayala-Bol's corporate well-being and empowerment workshops are offered to organisations and corporations that work within the First Nations community or employ First Nations people. 

The workshops can be offered in a 4 part program or one off workshop. 

these workshops are aimed to establish wellbeing systems and plans in the workplace and encourage team building.

Workshops are delivered in yarning circles which are a safe space where relationships are built, nurtured, and reinforced. 

You can book these sessions for a fee for service.

Our Unique delivery

We deliver peer-led based workshops and programs in the format of yarning circles or talking circles, which are intentionally designed to create an atmosphere of safety, inclusivity, connection, rest, and reflection.

Every workshop incorporates mindfulness 
Every workshop is trauma informed 
Every workshop gives away free wellbeing resources 

Facilitators are mental health first aid certified 

 We believe collective care leads to self care 


We operate on Larrakia Country, Garramilla/Darwin. (Northern Territory)

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